• THE JAZZMAN (2008) Official Competition, Montreal WFF 2009 Directed by Josh Koffman, Starring Michael Ironside, Corey Sevier & Laura Vandervoort  Visit:
  • PICTURES OF JUDAS (2008) Directed by Boris Mojsovski
  • NEIL (2007) Directed by Boris Mojsovski
  • LUCKY 10 (2007) Directed by Manny Kargov
  • DEATH & THE HOUSEWIFE (2007) Directed by Michelle Daides
  • THE WHITE DOG SACRIFICE (2005) Dir. by Michael Flaman
  • ON THAT DAY (2005) Directed by Josh Koffman
  • IN THE STARS (2004) Directed by Darrin Brown
  • SONG OF WRECKAGE (2003) Directed by Ryan Redford
  • THREE AND A HALF (2002) Directed by Boris Mojsovski
  • THE QUARRY (2002) Directed by Svjetlana Jaklenec
  • SYMPHONY (2001) Directed by Boris Mojsovski
  • STOP (2000) Directed by Boris Mojsovski


  • Toronto International Film Festival
  • SXSW International Film Festival, Austin, Texas
  • Commonwealth Film Festival
  • Montreal World Film Festival
  • FIPA Film Festival, France
  • Vancouver International Film Festival
  • Palm Springs Short Film Festival
  • Brno Short Film Festival, Czech Republic
  • Fajr International Film Festival, Iran
  • Golden Sheaf Awards
  • Toronto Worldwide Short Film Festival


  • International Distribution by OASIS International and Media Luna
  • Domestic Distribution by Peace Arch Home Entertainment
  • Domestic Sales to Superchannel, TMN, MovieCentral, Showcase, IFC, Chum, CBC, Bravo!