Summer Pictures specializes in feature filmmaking. Our team of award winning and internationally recognized Key Creatives can bring any project from script to screen. With extensive knowledge in 35mm origination and Super 16mm film or HD to film output, we can cater to any size budget.

With in-house post-production services provided by BLIZZARD EDITING, we offer complete Film and HD Picture Editing and Post-Production Supervision for complete film deliverables for 35mm finishing, HD deliverables in HDCAM SR or HDCAM and Dolby Digital 5.1 sound with international M&E tracks.  Our extensive knowledge of the post-production phase can ensure staying on budget throughout any production from the initial development stage through to completion and delivery.

BLIZZARD EDITING Post-Production Services

Contact: Tom Strnad for a Free Estimate or for more information.

T: 1.416.875.2652